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1. 开头:

the type of chart + verb + description

the type of chart : the pie chart / the line graph

verb : show / illustrate / present / demonstrate / describe / demonstrate / outline / indicate / reveal / provide an overview of

pk10开奖结果description: the number / proportion / information / data / percentage / share / statistics / numbers / figures


2. 主体段:


pk10开奖结果It can be clearly seen from the chart that…

pk10开奖结果As can be clearly seen from the chart, …

pk10开奖结果We can see clearly from the chart that …

pk10开奖结果According to the chart, …

pk10开奖结果It is apparent/ obvious / evident / manifest from the … chart that …


pk10开奖结果To be more exact, = More exactly,

pk10开奖结果To be more precise, = More precisely,

To be more specific, = More specifically,

3. 描述趋势



例:The travelers to Western Europe increased considerably from 19,371 in 1996 to 24,519.


pk10开奖结果It showed a small increase in the number of the UK population who traveled abroad over the period.



pk10开奖结果to go up 上升 to rise 上升 to increase 增长 to climb 爬升

to jump上涨 to rocket猛涨 to shoot up 暴涨

to peak到达顶峰 to reach a peak 到达顶峰


to go down 下降 to fall 下降 to decrease 减少 to drop 下跌

to plunge暴跌 to plummet暴跌 to slide 下滑

pk10开奖结果to reach a trough 降到谷底 to fall to the lowest point 降到谷底

pk10开奖结果to bottom out 降到最低点,停止下降并即将回升


pk10开奖结果a rise 上升 an increase 增加 growth 增长 a jump 突升

a surge 上涨


a fall 下降 a dip 下降 a decrease 减少 reduction 减少

pk10开奖结果a decline 下降 a collapse 下滑 a drop 下跌


remain the same / remain constant / remain stable / remain steady /remain unchanged / show little change


pk10开奖结果between … and … / since …in … / in the first six months / over the last twelve months / by…

pk10开奖结果4. 做比较的方法:


2. 描述份额的句型:

动词:be, make up, constitute, account for


pk10开奖结果White, which is 56.11%, is considerably more common than blue, which makes up 12.72%.


pk10开奖结果In 1996, there were 15,246 holiday makers abroad, which was much larger than the number of business travelers (3,155) and that of visitors to their friends and relatives (2,689).



with reference to…

pk10开奖结果further to …

I am writing in connection with …

pk10开奖结果Thank you for your letter of (date) concerning …

pk10开奖结果We have received your letter of (date), enclosing …

I am writing to …


I look forward to receiving your reply / order / products/etc.

1. 订单类

We welcome you the order above order.

We shall be pleased to receive further orders from you.

2. 询问信息类

With reference to …, I would like to have more information about the above.

pk10开奖结果Could you tell us / could you inform us

I am writing to enquiry about …

pk10开奖结果I am interested in your …

I would like further information / details about …

pk10开奖结果We would like to know about / if …

We would be grateful if you could let us know about/if …

3. 投诉类

pk10开奖结果I am writing to complain about …

I am not satisfied with …

pk10开奖结果Unfortunately, we have not yet received your payment.

I would like to remind you of the fact that

I would like to draw your attention to (the fact that) …

I would like to point out that …

I hope that it is not necessary to remind you that …

I must therefore insist that …

I am sure you can understand my disappointment. I would therefore be glad if you could investigate this matter.

If we do not receive adequate compensation within 7 days, we will be forced to write to the local newspaper.

4. 告知变化类

pk10开奖结果Further to last week’s correspondence, I am writing to inform you that we have to make a few changes to …

pk10开奖结果I am pleased / delighted to tell you that …

Unfortunately, …

pk10开奖结果I am afraid that…

I regret to tell you that …

Please note that

pk10开奖结果It has been confirmed that

pk10开奖结果If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

5. 邀请类

We should like to invite you...

We should be very pleased if you could...

We should be delighted if you could...

pk10开奖结果I would be very pleased to accept your invitation to …

pk10开奖结果Unfortunately, due to ......, I am unable to......

Therefore, this date is not convenient for us.

6. 道歉信

pk10开奖结果I am writing to apologise for/about

pk10开奖结果I regret that…

pk10开奖结果I am afraid that…

I am sorry that…

I apologise for…

I wish to offer my sincere apologies for…

I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

I was extremely sorry to hear that

This was due to …

pk10开奖结果Unfortunately, we have been unable to …

I can assure you that we will…

pk10开奖结果I would like to offer our apologies once again and thank you being an excellent customer.

Please accept our apologies once again.

We hope that this has not caused you any in convenience.考生如果怕自己错过考试报名时间和考试时间的话,可以 免费预约短信提醒,届时会以短信的方式提醒大家报名和考试时间。


pk10开奖结果Title : report on … / report:






The report aims / sets out to… investigate / evaluate / assess / study…

The aim / purpose of this report is to… recommend / analyze / give…

The report is based on …

Mr. X has asked me to report to ...

pk10开奖结果As requested by / Upon request of某人/某部门, I am submitting the following report about …



It was found that…

The following points summarise our key findings.

The key findings are outlined below.

pk10开奖结果We discovered that…

pk10开奖结果According to the recent market research / investigation / survey


According to the findings above, it can be concluded that ……

pk10开奖结果It is clear that…


It is recommended that ……sth should be done.

Based on the conclusion / analysis above, we recommend that……

pk10开奖结果With reference to the advantages stated above, the following recommendations can be made,

pk10开奖结果Something is recommended.

pk10开奖结果On the basis of the analysis, it is reasonable to have the following recommendations:

pk10开奖结果It would be advisable to…


题目:Your managing director has decided that the company’s website should be improved and has asked you to consider ways of going about this.

Write a proposal for the managing director:

pk10开奖结果Summarizing the strengths and weakness of the current website

Suggesting new services and information to be improved through the website

pk10开奖结果Explaining the benefits the improvements would bring.


pk10开奖结果Proposal on improving company’s website service

pk10开奖结果Introduction:The aim of this proposal is to summarize the strengths and weakness of the current website, and recommend new services and information to be provided through the website.





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