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environment (n.) surroundings环境

pk10开奖结果[例] To be classed as a work accident, the accident must take place in the work environment.

pk10开奖结果equity (n.) right to receive dividends on the shares owned in a company普通股所有人利益

pk10开奖结果[例] Assets plus liabilities equals owner’s equity.

pk10开奖结果equity capital amount of a company’s capital owned by the shareholders股本

[例] The two main shareholders owned almost all the company’s equity capital.

equities ordinary shares普通股

pk10开奖结果[例] How many equities have you got?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) 企业资源计划

pk10开奖结果estimated demand (n.) rough or approximate calculations of demand估测需求量

pk10开奖结果[例] What about the estimated demand of portable computers in this city?

pk10开奖结果ETA (estimated time of arrival)估计到达时间 ETA of our goods is 12th May.

evaluate (v.) calculate the value of something评估

[例] The training and development manager plans, organizes and evaluates training programmes.

pk10开奖结果evaluation (n.) calculation of value评估

pk10开奖结果exchange rate =rate of exchange relation in value between kinds of money used in different countries汇率

[例] What is the exchange rate between US dollar and RMB?

exhibit1. (n.) goods or services displayed at a fair or trade show展览

pk10开奖结果[例] The exhibit of mobile phones has drawn special interest of young people.

pk10开奖结果2. (v.) display products or services at a show展览

exhibition(n.) show of goods展览会

pk10开奖结果expand (v.) get bigger扩张,发展

pk10开奖结果[例] The market is expanding.

[同义词] stretch, spread, enlarge

expansion (n.) increase in size扩展

pk10开奖结果[例] The firm is planning for rapid expansion of its market.

[同义词] enlargement, amplification

pk10开奖结果expect (v.) wait for sb. for a talk , discussion etc.找某人

pk10开奖结果[例] Jack, Mr. Casson is expecting you in his office!

[同义词] await

expenditure (n.) amount of money spend花费

[例] Capital expenditure is the money we have spent on fixed assets.

[同义词] spending, expense

pk10开奖结果expenses (n. pl) money paid for covering extra costs费用

pk10开奖结果[例] The fee did not include travel expenses.

experienced (adj.) skilled or knowledgeable as the result of active participation or practice 有丰富经验的

pk10开奖结果[例] She was an experienced chef.

[同义词] practiced, versed, familiar

expertise (n.) particular knowledge or skill专门技术

pk10开奖结果[例] One of the advantages of using an employment agency is that it offers expertise in an area where the employer is not regularly in the market.

pk10开奖结果expire (v.) to come to an end; terminate到期

[例] My passport expires in a month.

pk10开奖结果[同义词] terminate

exposure1.(n.) publicity given to a product or company 公开,曝光

pk10开奖结果2. (n.) total audience number reached by an advertisement知道某广告的总人数

pk10开奖结果[例] Have you counted the exposure reached by that attractive advertisement?

pk10开奖结果Euro (n) (from 1999) the currency of the European Economic and Monetary Union 欧元


factor (n.) thing which is important要素

pk10开奖结果[例] Price is an important factor when deciding our strategy.

[同义词] element, component

pk10开奖结果factoring (n.) business of buying debts at a discount打折扣购买债务的业务

facilities (n. pl) equipment or buildings used in the production process设备

[例] The club has many convenient facilities.

fail-safe system (n.) a system which is almost totally protected against crucial accidents自动保险体制,考生如果怕自己错过考试报名时间和考试时间的话,可以 免费预约短信提醒pk10开奖结果,届时会以短信的方式提醒大家报名和考试时间。

[例] We should check if the fail-safe system works well

family business家族企业

fashionable (adj.) trendy时尚的

[例] Nike is a fashionable brand of sportswear.

fast –moving consumer goods (n) cheap, everyday items that are bought and used up quickly 快销消费品

[例] You cannot set batteries a so high price, they are fast-moving consumer goods and you will lose long-established market.

faulty (adj.)( of product) having defects (产品)有瑕疵的

[例] sorry for our faulty pilot products

pk10开奖结果[同义词] defective, imperfect

feasibility study (n.) investigation of a project to see if it is worth pursuing可行性研究

[例] Feasibility study is always done before the project is formally carried out.

fee (n.) money paid for service provided by a professional person such as a lawyer or a doctor对职业性服务的报酬

pk10开奖结果[例] The commission fees are usually higher in the foreign bank than those local bank.

[同义词] payment, reward, remuneration

feedback (n.) information about the results of an activity, given to a person so that changes can be made反馈

[例] After the session we will give you feedback on your performance so that it can be improved.

fiduciary1.(n) one, such as an agent of a principal or a company director, that stands in a special relation of trust, confidence, or responsibility in certain obligations to others 受托人

[例] The solicitor acted as fiduciary .

pk10开奖结果2. (adj.) of or relating to a holding of something in trust for another 信托的

[例] a fiduciary contract

field (n.) outside the office实地

[例] The salesmen are in the field.

pk10开奖结果file1. (n.) a collection of documents on a subject档案

[例] According to my files we haven’t prepared a person specification for a Team Leader before.

pk10开奖结果2. (v.) collect, arrange, organize documents systematically归档

pk10开奖结果fill (a position) (v.) to find someone to do a job胜任

pk10开奖结果[例] I am competent to fill in this position.

finance1. (n.) money used by a company资金

pk10开奖结果[例] Where will we get the finance for this project?

pk10开奖结果2. (v.) provide money for资助

[例] The bank is going to finance the new building.

[同义词] fund, support


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