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pk10开奖结果1. Only when you have obtained sufficient data ______ come to a sound conclusion.

A. can you

B. you can

C. would you

pk10开奖结果D. you would

pk10开奖结果2. ______ that this region was so rich in natural resources.

pk10开奖结果A. Little he knew

B. Little did he know C.Little he did know

D. Little he had known

pk10开奖结果3. Never again ______ political office after his 1928 defeat for the presidency.

pk10开奖结果A. Alfred E. Smith seriously sought

pk10开奖结果B. seriously Alfred E. Smith sought

C. when did Alfred E. Smith seriously seek

pk10开奖结果D. did Alfred E. Smith seriously seek

4. Only in recent years ______ begun to realize that wild dogs, kept within bounds, often do more good than harm.

A. people have

pk10开奖结果B. since people have

C. have people

D. people who have

pk10开奖结果5. _______, we were not going to make any concessions to his unreasonable demands.

A. What may come

B. come what may

pk10开奖结果C. May what come

pk10开奖结果D. What come

6. Not until I shouted at the top of my voice ______ his head.

A. that he turned

pk10开奖结果B. did he turn

C. he didn't turn

D. he had turned

pk10开奖结果7. ______ received law degrees as today.

A. Never so women have

pk10开奖结果B. The women aren't ever

C. Women who have never

D. Never have so many women

8. Heat does not travel by convection in solid, because the solid does not move, ______.

pk10开奖结果A. so does a liquid

B. so a liquid does

pk10开奖结果C. as does a liquid

D. so is a liquid

pk10开奖结果9. On no account ______ to anyone.

pk10开奖结果A. my name must be mentioned

B. must my name mention

C. must my name be mentioned

D. my name must mention

10. ______ that they may eventually reduce the amount of labor needed on construction sites by 90 percent.

A. Such construction robots are clever

pk10开奖结果B. So clever the construction robots are

C. So clever are the construction robots

D. Such clever construction robots are


1---5 a,b,d,c,c,

6—10:b,d,b,c, c.

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