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1. His success was because of ________ he had been working hard .

A. that

B. the fact which

pk10开奖结果C. the fact that

pk10开奖结果D. the fact

2."Is Mary from New York City " "I don't know _______."

A. from what city does she come from

B. from what city she come

C. what city does she come from

pk10开奖结果D. what city she comes from

3.________ makes mistakes must correct them.

A. What

B. That

C. Whoever

D. Whatever

4. The reason why I didn't go to Shanghai was ________ a new job.

pk10开奖结果A. because I got

pk10开奖结果B. because of getting

C. I got

D. that I got

5. It worried her a bit ____ her hair was turning gray.

A. while

B. that

C. if

D. for

6. Henry killed the dog. I'll ask him why ________.

A. did he do that

B. he did that

C. he did

pk10开奖结果D. he has done so

7. Have you seen Henry lately My boss wants to know ________.

A. how he is getting along

pk10开奖结果B. how is he getting along

C. what he is getting along

pk10开奖结果D. what is he getting along

pk10开奖结果8. It is generally considered unwise to give a child ____ he or she wants.

A. however

B. whatever

pk10开奖结果C. whichever

D. whenever

pk10开奖结果9. He asked me ________ with me.

pk10开奖结果A. what is the trouble

pk10开奖结果B. what wrong was

pk10开奖结果C. what was the matter

D. what trouble it is

10. I am sure ________ he said is true.

A. that

pk10开奖结果B. about that

C. of that

pk10开奖结果D. that what

11. When and why he came here ________ yet.

A. is not known

pk10开奖结果B. are not known

C. has not known

pk10开奖结果D. have not bee

pk10开奖结果12.I wonder how much ________.

A. does the watch cost

pk10开奖结果B. did the watch cost

C. the watch cost

D. the watch costs

13. Mary is ________ someone might recognize her.

A. afraid of

pk10开奖结果B. afraid about

pk10开奖结果C. afraid that

D. afraid for

14.________ is no reason for dismissing her.

A. Because she was a few minutes late

B. Owing to a few minutes late

pk10开奖结果C. The fact that she was a few minutes late

pk10开奖结果D. Being a few minutes late

pk10开奖结果15. They came to the conclusion ________ by a computer.

pk10开奖结果A. that not all things can be done

pk10开奖结果B. because of not all things be done

C. being not all things can be done

D. because not all things can be done


1-5. CDCDB

pk10开奖结果6-10. BABCD

11-15. ADCCA

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