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Maxi skirts and maxi dresses is a wonderful invention! Pick a solid version that skims the length of your body. Those who want to look slimmer should know that vertical lines help a lot. Let your top fit well. If you chose a maxi skirt, then put on a well-cut blouse or a T-shirt. Wear high heel or wedges underneath the skirt。


High Heels


pk10开奖结果High heel shoes make you taller and thinner. Your legs look longer and your calves take a different shape as well. You will greatly change your entire appearance and posture。


Look for shoes that have a high-cut vamp. The vamp is the front part of your shoe. High-cut vamps will cut across your feet making them look shorter covering up the precious inches. Another tip that will definitely help you look slimmer is to find a couple of shoes that perfectly match your natural skin tone。




Invest in shapewear. It is quite an effective measure helping you look absolutely different in a matter of seconds. There are a lot of brands of shapewear. Pick the one you trust most and enjoy the result: smoother and thinner shape, no bulges and trimmer silhouette。


Opt for Black


If the top and the bottom of your ensemble are of contrasting colors, you will not look as slim as you would if they were a match. Let your clothes be of the same color. Black is always in fashion and you will never go wrong with it. However, if you prefer something different, go ahead and pick your favorite. Opt for darker shades though. Use brighter accessories such as scarves, or jewelry to create your own style。


Vertical Lines


pk10开奖结果Longer vertical lines will make you look thinner and taller. You can pick a fabric with the right pattern, such as vertical stripes. If you prefer monochrome clothes, then there are other ways of creating vertical lines. A V-cut neckline is one of them. A long scarf, necklace or a chain hanging down your neck will also create a vertical line. Horizontal lines are not bad either. A Breton shirt is a perfect example。


A New Bra


pk10开奖结果It’s an established fact that only 20% of women wear the bras in the right size. If your bra is in the wrong size, it does not hold your breasts, they look saggy which is why you might look bigger. Lift up your chest and leave enough space between your breasts and waistline. If you are not sure what size of bras is right for you, consult a professional。


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