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UK managers are getting pay bonuses despite being "underperformers", a new report suggests。


The research into the pay of 70,000 managers concluded that a third of those given bonuses were rated as "not meeting expectations."


pk10开奖结果The Chartered Management Institute's National Salary Survey found that the average bonus for under-performing company directors was £45,000.


pk10开奖结果The average bonus for below-par senior managers was almost £9,000.


pk10开奖结果CMI chief executive Ann Francke said: "Too many managers are reaping the rich rewards of their positions despite being poor performers。

英国特许管理学会首席执行官安·弗兰克(Ann Francke)说:“太多的管理者靠职位赢得丰厚的奖金,尽管自身表现欠佳。"

pk10开奖结果"Unfortunately, it seems to be a lot easier to reward poor performance than to face the awkwardness of having difficult conversations with underperforming staff."


Ms Francke explained that bonuses may now be considered a part of normal pay, rather than a reward for hard work。


"Another reason so many low performers get bonuses is that there is often a culture of rewarding past glories。


pk10开奖结果"The longer that goes on, the more people come to rely on the money... employers really should think about whether it would be better to address the level of basic pay."


pk10开奖结果The CMI said that companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find, recruit and hold on to staff. And it is this skills shortage that could be forcing up wages and bonuses, economists believe。



below-par 未达标的

reap 获得

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