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1.—Each of the students, working hard at his or her lessons________ to go to university.

—So do I.

A. hope B. hopes C. hoping D. hoped

2.Either you or the headmaster________ the prize for these gifted students at the meeting.

A. is handing in B. are to hand out

pk10开奖结果C. are handing in D. is to hand out考试论坛

pk10开奖结果3. A library with five thousand books________ to the nation as a gift.

A. is offered B. has offered

pk10开奖结果C. are offered D. have offered

4. His family________ a big one. When I came to see him last night,

His family________watching TV.

pk10开奖结果A. is; was B. was; were C. is; were D. are; were

pk10开奖结果5. The poor________ helped by government programs,________?

pk10开奖结果A. is; isn’t it B. is; isn’t he

pk10开奖结果C. are; aren’t they D. are; haven’t they

pk10开奖结果6. The teacher and writer________ asked to make a speech at the meeting.

pk10开奖结果A. is B. was C. are D. were

7. When and where to build the new factory________ yet.

A. is not decided B. are not decided

pk10开奖结果C. has not decided D. have not decided

8. The number of people invited________ fifty, but a number of them________ absent for different reasons.

pk10开奖结果A. were; was B. was; was C. was; were D. were; were

9. Four-fifths of the workers here________ ________ workers.

pk10开奖结果A. is woman B. are woman C. are women D. is women

pk10开奖结果10.No one but her parents________ it.

A. know B. knows C. is knowing D. are knowing

pk10开奖结果11. The rest of the spelling exercises _______ as your homework.

A. is to be done B. are to do C. are to be done D. will do

12. The rest of the food ________ in the refrigerator.

pk10开奖结果A. is to keep C. are to be kept B. are to keep D. is to be kept



1. The satellite ______ in a rocket. (launch)

2. The roof _____ under the weight of the snow. (collapse)

pk10开奖结果3. We should avoid _____ what we think about people different from ourselves. (decide)

pk10开奖结果4. The most _____ evidence of black holes comes from research into binary stars system. (convince)

pk10开奖结果5. There is a great deal of ____ about his retirement from active politics. (speculate)

pk10开奖结果Answers: was launched, collapsed, deciding, convincing, speculation








pk10开奖结果1. A black hole exerts a strong gravitational pull and yet it has no matter.

2. If we understood black holes, they wouldn’t be so dreadful to us.

pk10开奖结果3. His company collapsed as a result of poor management.

pk10开奖结果4. His figure was swallowed up in the dark.

5. Has the medicine started to operate?

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